Professional. Passionate. Persevering.
Professional. Passionate. Persevering.
We treat every client with our sincerity. Haihua is known for the professional, passionate and persevering team.Our shared goal is grow together with our clients Every member of our team is taking his responsibility to study the market, share his know-how and help our clients to grow. If we can do better to help our client reach their goals, nothing stops us from upgrading ourselves.
CEO & Founder
Our honest service attitude, efficient work efficiency, detail-oriented habits, timely delivery style, competitive prices and customer satisfaction with quality have won the praise of customers at home and abroad. We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to come to us to discuss and order, and sincerely work with you to create a future together!
Meet The Team Behind
Allen Chen
Regional Sales Manager Americas
Annie Cai
Regional Sales Manager Asia
Cici Cao
Regional Sales Manager Europe
Danna Xu
Regional Sales Manager Africa
Florence Zhang
sales manager
Niko Lai
sales manager
Ricky Liao
sales manager
Rita Pan
sales manager
Shirley Chen
sales manager
Walker Lai
sales manager
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