80L Big Household Electric Oven for Wholesale
80L Big Household Electric Oven for Wholesale
80L Big Household Electric Oven for Wholesale
Available for 21L/23/30/35/45/50/55/60/70/80/100/120/150L

Hot selling electric oven available for 21L/23/30/35/45/50/55/60/70/80/100/120/150L

70-250℃ adjustable temperature

* 60/120 minutes timer with bell ring             

* 4pcs Stainless steel heating elements (from 21L to 70L)    

* 2pcs M-shaped stainless steel heating elements (from 80L to 150L)    

* Seperate heating: Off/Upper heating/ Lower heating/Upper&Lower heating      

* Four control knobs-thermosat for up heating- function knob-thermosat for down heatings-timer                  

* Basic accessory: Bake tray*1,bake rack*1,tray handle*1

* Pacakage: 5 layer gift box with left and right polyfoam

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