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Haihua Group Electric manufacturer has focused on the production of Oven/Air Fryer Oven/PressureCooker/Disinfection Cabinet for 20 years.
We have partners all over the world. We support OEM&ODM also Wholesale supplier.
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Manufacturing Process
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Production And QC
How Haihua Manufacturing products for your brand
Leave message and tell your idea to our project manager
Provide your concept for your product via our channels. You can also provide a rough specification of your products, such as their dimensions and materials.
Demand Analysis
Demand Analysis
Confirm the process and structure requirements, and customize the product size, color, packaging, logo printing, or design and produce according to CAD drawings.
Confirm the production drawings, and the customer signs to confirm the production.
Confirm the signing of the contract
Confirm the signing of the contract
The contract will be signed after the details of cooperation and delivery date are confirmed.
Order production
Our production base from China, and the introduction of technology leader in high precision production line. Enterprise production SOP management process to ensure products quality.
Mass production
Mass production
Through automatic welding, automatic sharpening equipment to improve production efficiency and reduce the loss of defective products, effectively reducing operating costs
Finished product inspection
As you know, the most worrying issue in international trade is the quality of products, so we have infinite cycle inventory to control the rate of finished products in product quality inspection.
Logistics & Delivery
Logistics & Delivery
All finished product are assembled within the custom packaging, and are arranged in cargo containers to keep them safe and on-time arrivals.
After-sales tracking
As an accomplished company, the production of products is the beginning of our cooperation, product warranty to ensure our long-term cooperation. We concern about the use of each cooperative customer products, if there are uncontrollable factors leading to product quality problems, we have a fast correspondence way to solve problems.
We are here for any service
We are here for any service
The above process descriptions give us an even stronger advantage as your supplier. We’d love to hear from you, if you have any questions, please let us know and we’ll get back to you in the shortest time!
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Quality assurance and after-sales service commitment
We are proud of our excellent quality of Oven, Air Fryer Oven, Pressure cooker, Disinfection Cabinet. To ensure the customers and consumers' rights, Haihua Group promise: all products offered from our company have 3 years guaranteed for free and maintained all the time.<br> After sale, our service staff will inspect the product usage, guiding the correct method of use, and maintenance of all products.
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