Q: where are your factory and office? how can I visit there?

Our factory is located in Yangjiang which is a well-known city for manufacturing Cooker and scissors .

also have a marketing office and showroom in Guangzhou, and we can pick you up to visit us at your convenient time!

Q:What kinds of Cooker are you good at ?

We are good at making all kinds of Cooker, especially in Damascus Cooker andForged Cooker

Q: How can I get the price?

We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry ( Except on weekends and holidays )If you are very urgent to get the price, please email or call us directly.

Q: Do you provide OEM & ODM service?

Yes, we provide OEM ODM service , pls contact us for your projects.

Q:Solve the problem of not being able to attend the exhibition

The global outbreak of COVID-19 makes you unable to come to China to participate in ELectric Pressure cooker exhibitions. It does not matter. We are looking for other ways to push our products to you. If you are a businessman, you just happened to see our website. Please take your time. After reading our service content, add our business personnel, or leave your information and questions, and we will have business personnel take the initiative to contact you.

Quality assurance and after-sales service commitment

We are proud of our excellent quality of ELectric Pressure cooker manufacturer. For ensure the customers and consumers' rights, 

Haihua ELectric Pressure cooker manufacturer promise: all products offered from our company have 3 years guaranteed for free and  maintained all the time.

1. After sale, our service staff will inspect the product usage, guiding the correct method of use, and maintenance of ELectric Pressure cooker.

2. Our service department will give a reasonable solution within 20 minutes when receive your notice, problem solving solutions in 12 hours, take necessary remedial measures in time; if the furniture can be repaired on site, the repair time of is less than 3 working days; if the ELectric Pressure cooker needed to be returned to the factory the repair time is generally less than 15 working days, special case shall be subject to the agreed time of the customer; The warranty period for all repairs shall be 3 years, less than 3 years and should be repaired unconditionally.

3. Under normal use, if there is any damage (except for man-made factors) during the warranty period, we will be responsible for free repair or replace the broken parts, all expenses will be bear by us.

4. If there is any broke part caused by human factors, we'll also provide spare parts for you.

5. In case of unrepair due to excessive damage, we will provide spare parts for replacement immediately for ensure your normal office working; At the same time, adopt the fastest solution to ensure the quality of the furniture.

6. During the warranty period, you can call us if necessary, and our professional after-sales service staff will provide timely service.

7. We will provide effective and timely tracking service after the expiration of the warranty period.

Q:Do you have any concerns about working with a ELectric Pressure cooker supplier?

We deeply understand your concerns and we are experienced in dealing with them, please check if there’s one of your concerns as well as our solutions for reference.

Q:How to prove you are a ELectric Pressure cooker manufacturer instead of a dealer?

There are two ways to prove we are a manufacturer instead of a dealer commonly.

1)the best way is to come to visit our factory in person,but this is not available due to the COVID-19 pandemic now.

2)Haihua ELectric Pressure cooker company is one of the “online factory tour” in alibaba company, which has been chosen as one of the most excellent factory for “online factory tour”sample, several CCTV cameras have been installed in different corners in our workshop by Alibaba company, production line running livestream in our workshop can be shown at any time.

Q:what is your MOQ and can I start with the MOQ?

Generally speaking,the ELectric Pressure cooker MOQ is 1000 pcs,however,as long as you are a real buyer,we will more than happy to offer all the necessary support to you,how about you decide the MOQ?

Q:How to make sure all the products I get are qualified?

Usaully,there are three ways for reference,first,we will send you a sample before mass production to confirm,second,you can appoint a third party to do the inspection.third,all of the production are inspected especially the dining chairs must passed the dropping-test before delivery to make sure all the products you get are qualified.

Q:How long it will take me to get a sample?

It really depends on what sample it is.for our regular models it will take about one week to make the sample,for the customized products,we shall discuss it on its own merits.

Q:How can I know that my production will be finished in time?

There are at least three ways to follow up your production rate of progress.first,we will update the production progress every week to keep you posted.second,you can appoint the third party to check the progress,third,you can watch our workshop production line working livestream to get to know your production current progress status.thus we could also control the risk and lose to the maximum extent if any accident happens.

Q:How to solve the production complaint problem?

We are sorry to hear that.please keep calm and follow our instructions.first ,please provide us as much information as you can,including emails,images,videos etc,second,we will evaluate the case and figure out the solutions.third,we will take the full responsibility if it is on us indeed and avoid the same problem happen next time.

Q:What is the lead time for the mass production?

Thank you for your mass order.our regular models will take about 15 days,if it is a customized production,we shall discuss it on its own merits.

Q:Will you send me spare parts for the shortage?

I am sorry to hear this !we will send you the spare parts and help you to solve the problems for your satisfaction.

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