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The price factors that affect your purchase from raw materials to the overall link of the product out of the factory: 

  1. The cost of raw materials purchased by the factory.

  2. Production loss.

  3. Production efficiency.

  4. Automated mass production process

Haihua ELectric oven manufacturer have 15 production lines, over 1300 workers and modern production facilities covering 90,000m2, and the monthly output reaches 120,000 pcs, maximum can be 150,000 pcs now. Our products lineup from 7L to 100L, and all of them have been approved with CE/ GS/ EMC/ CB/ ETL/ ERP/ RoHS/ REACH/ Food Contact. We keep investing big money to develop new products, and we have already sold to many noted brands successfully all over the world.

From the above questions, directly control the procurement cost, so as to achieve your procurement demand and price control, and put your brand in a state of market competitiveness.

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